Unconventional Ways to Source Potential Candidates for Unconventional Roles

In today’s competitive job market, employers are forced to get creative when it comes to sourcing potential candidates for open positions. While many roles still require a traditional method of sourcing candidates, such as posting job openings on job boards and using recruitment agencies, these methods don’t always work for specialized roles. To find the right candidate for an unconventional role, employers need to think outside the box and explore non-conventional ways of sourcing potential candidates.

1. Leverage Internal Networks

The best place to start your search for potential candidates is within your own network. First, talk to your current team members, colleagues, and other business contacts. Ask them if they know someone who would be a good fit for the position. Your internal network can be a great resource for finding qualified candidates. 

2. Leverage Social Media

Social media has become a handy tool for recruiting. Utilize LinkedIn to research potential candidates, post job openings, and join relevant industry groups. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to post job openings, engage with potential candidates, and share content about your company. 

3. Staff an Open House

Hosting an open house is another excellent way to source potential candidates. Invite passive job seekers and spread the word that you’re hiring. Utilize your internal networks to help get the word out, too. 

4. Participate in Career Fairs

Career fairs are a great way to meet potential candidates in person. Participating in a career fair allows employers to set up a booth, conduct interviews on the spot and even offer on-the-spot job offers. Career fairs usually attract a variety of candidates, so this method is excellent for sourcing a wide range of potential candidates. 

5. Use Referral Programs

Establishing a referral program is an excellent way to source potential candidates for unconventional roles. Encourage your current team members to refer friends or contacts who would be a great fit for an unconventional position. You can also reach out to potential candidates directly, letting them know about the referral program and encouraging them to join it. 

6. Fanfare or Upstart

Fanfare or Upstart is another great way to source potential candidates. These websites allow you to post jobs and target potential candidates based on their skills and experience. This is a great way to reach a wider pool of qualified candidates. 

7. Reach Out to Schools

Reaching out to schools is a great way to source potential candidates for unconventional roles. Connect with universities, colleges, and trade schools that offer courses in the field you’re hiring for. Ask them if they have any recommendations or if they know any graduates who would be a good fit for the position. 

8. Utilize Niche Job Boards

Finally, don’t forget to post your openings on niche job boards. Niche job boards are designed to target specific types of roles. For example, there are job boards specifically designed for technology professionals, healthcare workers, and even niche roles like UX designers. Utilizing these job boards can help you find more qualified candidates for unconventional positions. 

Sourcing potential candidates for unconventional roles can be a challenge. By leveraging internal networks, leveraging social media, attending career fairs and utilizing niche job boards, you can find the right candidates for even the most unconventional roles.