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StartOne combines in-depth web research and data analysis with personal candidate engagement, ensuring precise and ideal matches for leadership roles.

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Headhunting 2.0 -

Often rely on internal candidate databases that may be small and outdated.

Typically lack a precise and strategic approach, opting for a broad, scattergun approach.

Frequently employ mass messaging campaigns that target irrelevant candidates.

Tend to use generic job postings on a select few platforms.

May conduct sporadic, short interviews with minimal effort.

Often follow a systematic and uniform recruitment process without customization.

Sometimes offer minimal to no guarantees on placements.

May provide candidates with a negative recruiting experience e.g. through irrelevant messages and a lack of response.

Often rely solely on their own network and internal database – ignoring innovative tools and superior technology.

We leverage a multitude of platforms like LinkedIn and Xing, along with other web resources. This enables us to access a far more extensive and dynamic pool of candidates, significantly enhancing the variety and quality of potential matches.

With access to an extensive online candidate pool, we can filter and identify candidates with the exact skill sets and qualifications required. Our precise targeting ensures we reach the right candidates for each role.

We personally write to each relevant candidate, ensuring that our communication is tailored, meaningful, and engaging. This personal touch significantly increases response rates and establishes a strong initial connection.

Our job postings are crafted with precision and disseminated across a wide array of platforms, including niche sites specific to the role’s industry. This broad distribution ensures that we reach a diverse and well-suited candidate audience.

We conduct an in-depth screening process, assessing candidates’ skills, cultural fit, and potential for long-term success. This thorough approach guarantees that only the best-suited candidates are shortlisted.

Each client benefits from a recruitment strategy that is specifically designed to meet their unique needs. We align our methods closely with each client’s specific requirements.

Our commitment includes a tiered refund policy: 80% of our commission is returned if a new hire leaves or is let go within the first month, 50% within two months, and 30% within three months. This guarantee underscores our confidence in the quality and fit of the candidates we place.

We warrant that every candidate interaction is respectful, efficient, informative, and timely.

We make use of advanced technologies to enhance efficiency in processing and targeting, but we do not compromise on personal interactions in crucial areas like messaging.

Discover a in Headhunting

Our C-Suite recruitment approach taps into a multitude of online candidate pools, enabling targeted and precise selection. Combined with our hyper-personalized, manually crafted messaging, this method leads to the identification of top-quality candidates. After thorough evaluation, we curate a select shortlist, recommending ideal leaders for your business’s sustainable success.

The Roadmap to Your

Charting a clear course to attract and secure your next top performer.


Discovery Call

We begin with an initial meeting to thoroughly assess your recruitment needs and introduce our services. This can be conducted via a call, video conference, or in-person, based on your preference.


Candidate Profiling

In a detailed briefing session, we gather insights into your hiring needs, expectations, and company culture. This understanding allows us to craft a precise candidate profile that encapsulates the essential qualifications and experience required for the role.


Data-Driven Candidate Discovery

Our recruitment utilizes advanced active sourcing and niche job boards, guided by a data-driven methodology. We focus on personalized messaging and strategic outreach to engage the most suitable candidates for your specific needs.


Shortlisting & Introduction

We present carefully vetted candidates, focusing on quality matches over quantity to ensure a seamless fit with your team's needs and culture.

Head of Sales -

Germany | Diagnostics Industry

Bestbion is a German diagnostic product distributor founded in 2011 which has recently been acquired by SD Biosensor, a South Korean in vitro diagnostic company, for $13.3 million.


The StartOne Executive Search Team: Committed to Your Success

Michael Weymans

Founder & Executive Recruiter

Michael founded StartOne in 2017. Having lived and worked in the U.S., China, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Germany, he brings a uniquely global perspective to executive search. Leveraging an extensive professional network across various industries, he’s committed to finding the perfect executive fit for your unique needs. 

Michael Wilmes

Executive Recruiter

Michael brings a wealth of international expertise from his experiences in Germany, Mexico, and China. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic mindset have been honed across diverse cultural landscapes, providing a unique, well-rounded approach to executive search. His in-depth understanding of both client and candidate needs guarantees meaningful placements that contribute to long-term success.

StartOne excels in advanced headhunting services, leveraging extensive data analytics and a personalized approach. Our services encompass initial consultations, detailed candidate profiling, custom outreach, thorough interviews, and precision in every step of the headhunting process.

Our unique methodology, with its focus on accessing extensive data and candidate pools, is applicable across all industries. We have a track record of successful placements in sectors such as Consumer & Retail, Finance, HR & Legal, IT & Software, and Medical & Diagnostics, but our services are adaptable to any industry’s specific needs.

Our distinguishing factor lies in our approach: leveraging vast data pools for precise candidate targeting, coupled with hyper-personalized messaging and a commitment to quality over quantity. Our small team size facilitates rapid, flexible processes and direct communication, ensuring unparalleled service quality.

Our approach allows us to target and filter candidates more precisely, thanks to our access to extensive candidate pools. This, combined with personalized interviews and diligent CV checks, ensures that we consistently provide a select list of top-quality candidates.

The timeframe for candidate placement is highly individual and depends on various factors like industry, job title, and specific requirements. We provide a clear timeline in our proposal and subsequent meetings, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

We truly appreciate your interest in opportunities through StartOne. However, our approach to headhunting is highly specific and tailored to each client’s unique needs. We do not maintain an internal candidate pool or database. Instead, we actively seek out candidates who precisely match the requirements of our client’s open positions. While we are unable to accept unsolicited CVs, we encourage you to keep your professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and Xing updated, as these are some of the resources we utilize in our search for top talent. Thank you for understanding our process, and we wish you the best in your career endeavors.

To begin working with StartOne, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. This step is fundamental for us to understand your specific hiring needs and to develop a tailored proposal that outlines our strategic approach for your organization.

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