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At StartOne, we specialize in highly personalized executive search services, fine-tuned for the unique complexities of the European market. Through our meticulous 360-degree candidate profiling and tailor-made engagement strategies, we identify visionary leaders who perfectly align with your culture and objectives.

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Tailored Executive Search & Placement

Our premium Tailored Executive Search & Placement service focuses exclusively on identifying and placing distinguished C-level and senior executives in key roles across Europe. With an intimate understanding of the European market, we conduct a holistic 360-degree candidate profiling process to assure alignment with your company’s unique culture and objectives, guaranteeing a seamless match that drives long-term success.

Key Features:

  • In-Depth European Market Analysis
  • Comprehensive 360° Candidate Profiling
  • Cultural and Strategic Alignment Assurance
  • Full-Spectrum Consultative Approach from Start to Finish
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Our Proven Process

Our first step is a comprehensive consultation to understand the unique culture, goals, and challenges of your organization. Through meticulous assessment, we identify your staffing requirements, project timeline, and other essential factors that will direct our search strategy.

We elevate the quality of our search by handcrafting highly personalized messages for each prospective candidate. Far removed from a mass messaging approach, our tailored communications enhance engagement rates, ensuring that we reach the most compatible professionals in the field.

Our candidate evaluation is both rigorous and comprehensive. This involves in-depth one-on-one interviews, meticulous background checks, and relevant skill assessments. We aim to understand not merely the qualifications but also the unique attributes that would make a candidate an ideal fit for your organization’s culture and objectives.

Upon identifying candidates who fulfill your criteria and pass our thorough vetting process, we introduce these distinguished individuals for your consideration. Each introduction is a carefully considered match, designed to offer you viable options for leadership roles that will advance your organization’s mission.

What Sets Us Apart?

We understand the nuances of the European market and the importance of cultural fit. Our process is rigorous, personalized, and fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our approach isn’t just about filling roles; it’s about creating long-term partnerships. Discover how our exclusive focus on executive search can drive your success.

Personalization That Fits Like a Glove

In a world of one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer a hand-crafted approach. We take the time to understand not just the role you’re filling, but the dynamics of your team and organization. That’s how we ensure a seamless match, every time.

Specialized European Market Insight

Our intimate understanding of the European market sets us apart. We know where to find the talent that aligns with your cultural and business objectives, helping you succeed in a market as diverse as it is dynamic.

Unbeatable Service Standards

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the search process. From our first interaction to the final placement and beyond, we offer a level of service and communication that large firms simply can’t match.

Long-Term Partnerships

We’re committed to building lasting relationships that add value to your business year over year. That means we’re here for the long haul, offering consultative support that evolves with your needs.

Case Study

Head of Sales

Germany | Diagnostics Industry

Bestbion is a German diagnostic product distributor founded in 2011 which has recently been acquired by SD Biosensor, a South Korean in vitro diagnostic company, for $13.3 million.

David Stammel
CEO bestbion dx GmbH

StartOne exceeded our expectations in delivering top-notch executive recruitment services. Their professionalism and attention to detail ensured we found the perfect candidate to drive our business forward.”

The Executive Team

Your Key Contacts at StartOne: Committed to Your Success

Michael Weymans

Founder & Executive Recruiter

Michael founded StartOne in 2017 to connect organizations with exceptional leadership. Leveraging an extensive professional network across various industries, he’s committed to finding the perfect executive fit for your unique needs.

Michael Wilmes

Senior Executive Recruiter

Michael excels in strategic thinking and has a passion for aligning candidates with the right organizational fit. His in-depth understanding of both client and candidate needs guarantees meaningful placements that contribute to long-term success.

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